We know there is bound to be questions you might have before your land purchase. After all, it’s not everyday you make such a big lifestyle step.

We have made available an “Advice to Purchasers” document that answers many questions about Breakwater Estate. Please review the document for answers to any questions you might have.

Important Downloads

Fire Management Plan

A Fire Management Plan has been approved for Breakwater Estate. Landowners shall be responsible for the ongoing implementation of the Fire Management Plan on their land. Notifications will be placed on the Certificate of Title of each lot advising landowners that they are required to use and develop the land in accordance with the prevailing approved Fire Management Plan.

Download a copy of the Fire Management Plan.

Structure Planning and Zoning

Subdivision and all development shall be in accordance with the City of Wanneroo’s approved Structure Plan and the provisions of the prevailing Town Planning Scheme.


Aerated Treatment Unit (ATU) is required for the treatment of on site effluent.

Water Supply

Each lot is serviced by a reticulated water supply.

Building Envelopes

A building envelope of 1,200m2 to 1,500m2 is provided for each lot that can be increased to 2,000m2 with council approval.

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