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SOLD OUT  Stages One, Two, Three and Four

Lot Availability List
Lot 107Available $429,000
Lot 108UNDER OFFER $419,000
Lot 109Available $399,000
Lot 110Available $384,000
Lot 112Available $387,000
Lot 114Available $395,000
Lot Availability List
Lot 30SOLD
Lot 67SOLD
Lot 68SOLD
Lot 69SOLD
Lot 70SOLD
Lot 71SOLD
Lot 72SOLD
Lot 73SOLD
Lot 111SOLD
Lot 120SOLD
Lot 121SOLD
Lot Availability List
Lot 74SOLD
Lot 79SOLD
Lot 80SOLD
Lot 81SOLD
Lot 85SOLD
Lot 86SOLD
Lot 87SOLD
Lot 88SOLD
Lot 89SOLD
Lot 122SOLD
Lot 123SOLD
Lot 124SOLD
Lot 125SOLD
Lot 126SOLD
Lot 127SOLD
Lot 128SOLD
Lot 129SOLD
Lot 130SOLD
Lot 131SOLD
Lot 132SOLD
Lot 133SOLD
Lot 134SOLD
Lot 135SOLD


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