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Land For Sale

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Overall Stage Plan Breakwater Estate

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SOLD OUT  Stages One, Two, Three and Four

8 LOTS available  Stage 4A
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Lot Availability List
Lot 67Available $407,000
Lot 68Available $411,000
Lot 69SOLD
Lot 70Available $437,000
Lot 71Available $427,000
Lot 72Available $422,000
Lot 73Not Released
Lot 111Available $406,000
Lot 120SOLD
Lot 121SOLD
Lot Availability List
Lot 74SOLD
Lot 79SOLD
Lot 80Available $359,000
Lot 81SOLD
Lot 85SOLD
Lot 86SOLD
Lot 87SOLD
Lot 88SOLD
Lot 89SOLD
Lot 122SOLD
Lot 123SOLD
Lot 124SOLD
Lot 125SOLD
Lot 126SOLD
Lot 127SOLD
Lot 128Available $369,000
Lot 129SOLD
Lot 130SOLD
Lot 131Available $390,000
Lot 132SOLD
Lot 133Available $370,000
Lot 134Available $370,000
Lot 135Available $389,000