Future Development

By 2021, it is predicted that Yanchep-Two Rocks will provide housing for almost one third of the growth in the North West corridor. After this time and once Alkimos-Eglinton is fully developed, Yanchep-Two Rocks is expected to accommodate the majority of North West corridor population growth.


It is forecast that Yanchep-Two Rocks will be fully developed by around 2058, accommodating a residential population of approximately 155,000 persons.

The Yanchep – Two Rocks development is the largest single urban development project in Perth and with an ultimate population of 155,000, is anticipated to accommodate 2% – 3% of Australia’s population growth over the next 40 years.

The project is also intended to accommodate 55,000 new jobs, or almost one job per household, which will increase the level of employment self-sufficiency in the north-west metropolitan corridor from less than 50% to around 60%.

The unprecedented scale of this project presents a magnificent opportunity to set new benchmarks in the quality of urban design, effective sustainability initiatives, building variety and neighbourhood identity in a way which will have a positive impact on the many residents of this new community.